Cover reveal for Hotshot Mogul

Bruce — They call me hotshot. It ticks me off, but part of me is proud of that. I worked my ass off to develop spaces people love. I don’t stop until I get what I want. I develop land all over the U.S.

And I want her — Anneliese with her odd turns of phrase, sketchy past and violet eyes I could get lost in for the rest of forever. But she’s working against me, trying to save dying trees on property I own. The trees got to go.

Anneliese — I want him and he wants me. But, I must fight our consuming passion and stay focused on stopping him. He would never believe me if I told him about our pasts that he has no memory of…and what I truly am, would he?

My body comes alive at his touch. He is determined that I stay and determined he will cut down the trees. And I must stop him. I will stop him any way I can.

Hotshot Mogul was inspired by Playboy Pilot and will be released soon in the Cocky Hero Club series. Sign up for my newsletter on the side tab for updates.

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