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Sooo excited that Hotshot Mogul is available for Pre-order now and will release Aug. 27! Here is an excerpt from when they first meet, (or so he thinks….)

“I walked toward my battered Jeep and peeled off my shirt, hoping I had another T-shirt inside. I loved driving this Jeep, although I couldn’t use it to haul around clients I wanted to schmooze. I planned to take it onto the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and blow off some steam, off-roading it, maybe tomorrow. I opened the back of the Jeep. No shirt. I knew there were some golf shirts left over from last year’s golf outing in the administrative offices that my staff used for new leases and sales.
I drove the power mower into the storage shed and headed for the office. It was at the far end of the development, next to the apartments. A woman holding a clipboard was banging on the door to the locked and shuttered office.
She wore a soft sundress that reached down to her ankles, from which I couldn’t pull my gaze away. They were delicate, slender and graceful. My gaze traveled up to the curve of her hips, tapered waist, and swell of her breasts. My c**k twitched. Her breasts were smaller, compared to the kind of woman I was usually drawn to, since Diana.
I’d bet they’d fit into my hands like she was made for me.
I needed to rein it in. Damn, I still had to text Beth back. She’d texted me twice.
“Can I help you?” I asked, all polite. My gaze skimmed over her bare, toned shoulders.
Her honey-blonde hair hung in waves just past them. Then I looked at her face. Sucker punch. I thought violet eyes weren’t real. Did she use contact lenses? Her thick, dark lashes framed her almond-shaped eyes. Her lips were soft, lush and pink. What would they taste like?
I had never had such a visceral reaction to a woman at first sight, even Diana. Violet-eyes stared at my bare chest. Then her gaze dropped lower, hardening my c**k to the point of pain. She finally met my gaze. “I thought we must wear clothes,” she said.
Excerpt From
Hotshot Mogul
Tara Eldana
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