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for Off the Books, by Tara Eldana, the third book in the KinkLink series.

He was protecting those he loved….She wanted him to notice her and when he did, she knew she could never let him go. Everyone’s got to learn the ropes sometime…

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Alluring Reads podcast

It was so much fun talking with J Proctor, host of the new podcast, Alluring Reads, on Sex Talk Radio Network, about my erotic romance, “Taking the Lead.” Although Taking the Lead has an R rating – the podcast is rated PG-13. Take a listen.

Taking the Lead

Reece and Ryan Boynton are twins and have supported one another through thick and thin including having the same taste in women. Not unusual for the brothers to share, there is something about Jessa that is different. For the first time, Reece and Ryan have their differences and as one brother’s bond deepens the other is left questioning everything he thought he knew about himself and his brother.

Sexy, hot story – fresh new voice in romance

High brow

The pendulum has swung from skinny eyebrows (think “Charlie’s Angels”, circa 1976)  to the more natural look I was born with (me, circa 1974).

I fought with my eyebrows for years, trying to fashion them into the pencil-thin arches the cover girls wore.

I never quite got there.

I stopped short of the pencil thin lines due to, well, pain, and the the time it took me at home to achieve it.

Man, am I glad.

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox to find Priyanka Chopra gracing the cover of “Vogue” with thick, dramatic, beautiful eyebrows.

My friends who were able to coax their brows into the thin lines I so prized now rely on their eyebrow pencil for definition.

Sadly, eyebrows grow sparse with age.

It’s fun, cool and hip to follow fashion trends and to feel up to date with the latest look.

Who didn’t want Farah’s feathered hairstyle or Jaclyn’s slim, defined brows?

But now, I want Priyanka’s gorgeous, natural look.

If only I had put the tweezers down, sooner.

“In the Depths” is on sale tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, “In the Depths” e-book will be discounted to $0.99. Becca Paxton spends her days covering news on Hawaii’s Garden Island and her nights asleep in the arms of her Ethan, dream lover. He’s a merman who knows her destiny lies with him, under the waves. Can he convince her he can make her dreams come true? Can she leave everyone and everything she knows on land to be with him?…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

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