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Photographer Julie Snyder, Photography by Julie,, is the “Under the Riptides” cover model for “Under the Riptides.” She’s my co-worker, a wonderful photographer and gorgeous so I asked her to help me with the cover for my paranormal novella, and she said yes. Little did she know she would face the same sort of peril as my main character in the story does.

The photo was taken by Snyder’s sister when visiting family at Lake Patagonia in Patagonia, Arizona, in August 2015. She and family members, including her daughter, went out on a boat in search of a mermaid feel for the book. However, it proved a bit challenging because of the lake’s depth.

“The first spot we found I really liked because there was a huge gray crane just standing on this large rock wall. I got in the water there thinking it was shallow and I sunk like a stone,” Snyder said in an email. “They circled around in the boat to get me while I clung to the large, slippery rock wall. The crane had flown away at this point.”

The group then found a small beach. Snyder and her sister slowly got in the water and found it was shallow enough. Snyder pointed the camera to a spot where the sun was perfectly positioned and then found the spot to stand while her sister clicked away. Many shots were taken. The entire process took about two hours, and then a final picture was eventually chosen.

“Under the Riptides” brings readers into the life of Adrian, a merman and heir to the throne of Crystal City, who lives deep under the ocean riptides. He’s waited a lifetime for Mara, his destined mate. The only problem is Mara thinks she’s human and afraid of the water.front cover(1)-riptides

If you like sexy, fast reads, check it out and let me know what you think.

We considered this photo of Julie, wearing a bridal veil, for another novella, “Reclaiming Lexi,” but the formatting didn’t quite work.

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In “Reclaiming Lexi,” Lexi McCardle still dreams about her high school crush Luke Kettering. On her wedding day, preparing to say “I do” to another man, McCardle’s fiancé calls it off just as she’s kidnapped by Kettering, taking her to a remote cabin in northern Michigan.

This is another quick, sexy read.

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